A City Safe From Sea- Throw Me Through Walls

Written by me for sputnikmusic.com:

A City Safe From Sea's Throw Me Through Walls won't be the most hardcore album you'll hear this year nor will it be the catchiest, but it may very well be the catchiest hardcore album of 2009. Dripping with hooks, youthful energy and a charming blend of serious lyrical skill and underdeveloped chants, Throw Me Through Walls is dark and slick- a collection of songs wrapped in hues of blue and gray. With its addictive hooks and quotable one-liners (note: "YOUR CHEST IS A SNARE DRUM" will be your facebook status at least until one of your friends comments it with an ignorant lolwut), this debut effort from A City Safe From Sea shows remarkable potential for a young band to grow into a force. Until that time however, this delightfully messy album is entertainment enough.

Throw Me Through Walls

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