Banner Pilot - Collapser

I'm gonna take a second here to rattle off a few bands, and you tell me whether they are good or not.

Rise Against? YES
Hot Water Music? YES
Dillinger Four? YES
Four Year Strong?! Not really. Just making sure you're paying attention.

Now, imagine all three of these bands had a child. This child, young and energetic, takes its parents' old methods and converges them into a punkish amalgamation. That kid is Banner Pilot. Loud, fast, and just abrasive enough to be felt but not hurt, Banner Pilot forms an eternal summer with their album "Collapser." The album is loads of fun to drench yourself in and just feel the energy, anywhere you won't break things; I say this because if you're at all like me, you'll get up and jump around at certain points.


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  1. This band rules. You post really good stuff on here.