We Came as Romans - Dreams EP

Post-hardcore is a grab-bag genre these days. On one end, you have the likes of early Thrice, At the Drive-In, and Glassjaw, who skillfully fulfill the tastes of the style and, thanks to that, bring it into the semi-public eye. On the other end, you have the sour likes of Chiodos and I Set My Friends on Fire, who are tacked onto the label in the wake of its popularity. We Came as Romans fall in the middle of these two extremes. By no means a Fugazi though not quite a From First to Last, the band creates somewhat generic but certainly listenable music that anybody with a taste for post-hardcore would enjoy to a fault. I recommend starting with the title track from the EP, which is their best work (so far, that is; the band reportedly have a new album coming soon, and from the potential heard from songs like "Dreams," it might be one to watch for.) Also, please ignore the way they look before you listen. If you can, just put your hand over the page header photo or something...


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