Kayo Dot- Choirs of the Eye

True story: Sometimes I consider this the best album ever made. Punishing, challenging, and ultimately intensely rewarding avant-garde metal from the sexy Toby Driver. Essential



  1. I can't deny that Toby Driver is provocative, sexually. But I do think Laughing stock is the best album of all time in terms of sheer gorgeousness.

    Anyhu, check out In the L-- l-- library loft and Tartar Lamb if you haven't already, they're well worth the effort required!

  2. True story: There are times where I think Laughing Stock is the best album of all time too.

    Library Loft is good, Tartar Lamb is ok, but to me this is the best thing Driver's ever done. This and maudlin of the Well's Bath are just awesome.