Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major

Find me somebody who doesn't like Third Eye Blind. Not now, of course, or you'll never be back in time to read the rest of this post. Since the band's eponymous debut dropped in 1997, they'd made a name for themselves as high-caliber musicians. For years (at last count, 6 long ones,) fans awaited a return from the foursome after their supposed hiatus and lacluster release of "Out of the Vein." Finally, here it is: "Ursa Major," an album full of hooks, energy, and variety. Unfortunately, it doesn't measure up to their first release (then again, it's doubtful anything the band produces ever will,) but that's not to say it should be cast aside without a second thought.

...You know what? I talk too much. Just listen to the damn album. You'll have fun with it, that's its best quality.


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