Lewd Acts - Lung Patrol EP

Lewd Acts didn't click with me immediately. I checked out some of their first album "Dark Days" back in my Ska-is-Sex phase, and of course because it wasn't immediately catchy with fifty thousand hooks, it wasn't for me. Upon hearing they released a new EP and album since then, I decided to revisit LA in the hopes that I'd be able to appreciate it better this time. While it was no huge turnaround, my opinions softened towards the band after sampling some of their newer stuff, particularly their interim EP "Lung Patrol." The instrumentation is solid, the music has a satisfying crunch to it, and lyrically it's on the simpler side, but in the case of hardcore music, that's usually for the better. Basically, it does what it sets out to: it gets you moving and relates to you at the same time. If you like this, pick up "Black Eye Blues" too, which I plan on doing as soon as I grab some cash.

(tracks are taken from Dark Days and Lung Patrol)

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  1. the art for the new album is so cool, you should buy it if you can