The Taj Motel Trio - Part of the Problem

"ska is dead go back to the vfw you sweaty checkered faggot"

Now that we've gotten the peanut gallery out of the way, ska bands have gone from third-wave flavor of the week to some of the hardiest groups in punk music, at least stylistically. Why, you ask? Two words: Tomas Kalnoky. With five critically-acclaimed albums spanning three distinct and pioneering groups, the man from Jersey has set the bar impossibly high for most modern ska groups looking to break out; thus, the scope of truly "good" bands is getting smaller and smaller. Thankfully, they tend to come out and toot their own horns from time to time. Case and point: The Taj Motel Trio's "Part of the Problem." The Taj have crafted some of the catchiest ska tunes I've heard in years, and aren't slouches on their instruments either; let's just say, it's not just pop-punk-with-horns anymore. For anyone who likes to drive around with a good "happy" playlist blasting, this is essential. If not, get it anyway.



  1. Thanks for the review of our album. This is one of the first reviews I've seen.

  2. wow, really? that's a shame, it deserves more attention than that.